Monday, 18 October 2010

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So yeah, I started coding a new layout for my Gaia profile from scratch last night, but got distracted when my A/C was taken out and I decided to take a break to do some coursework.
So now, after waking up like an hour ago, I tried to work on the code some more before hopping in the shower.

And I totally tried using Neopets layout codes in it.
I've been coding both Neo lookup layouts and Gaia layouts for about the same length of time --about five years. I KNOW the different pieces that identify the contents of each site's profiles. And the tags/properties that can be used for them.

I don't feel tired, and I just had my morning cup of tea.
But I think it's just too early to code when I confuse the two.

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Yeah, so my magazine arrived. With another magazine as a "free gift" as the seller put it.
But when I opened the envelope to check out everything, I noticed a poster was missing.
I frantically search everywhere I had been since I got the magazines. About an hour ago, I messaged the seller to ask if maybe they had forgotten the poster when packaging it all together, and sure enough I got a message back with an apology! They said they'll mail it to me.

I was really upset, but now I'm all better.

<3 Byes.

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